Case #8553

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  • 2016-07-26
  • 2017-01-18
  • 2017-01-18

Most tickets of this type should be investigated within 2 business days. 121 business days have passed.


2016-07-26 Open

2016-07-26 Assignment

2017-01-18 Closed

Thank you for contacting the City of Peoria. Your concerns are valuable to us. We make sure information is evaluated by the proper department.

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I am growing very mad with whoever is putting in replies related to vacant lots in the City of Peoria. My neighborhood group tries the best we can and we report weeds when we see them. However, they close cases without going out and looking because they say they don't have enough information. Just drive in the south end and you see those lots you all marked with weeds every where. If we give you a block, you should be able to tell if you drove down there. Sometimes we don't know the addresses on vacant lots, we just know they aren't being maintained by the City of Peoria. Please pass this message onto the right people before I have to call someone else. See numbers 8539, 8534, 8520, 8516. I bet the information wouldn't be too vague for the media or our elected official.