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  • 1234 E Seneca Pl
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  • 2016-01-16
  • 2016-01-19
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Owner at 1234 E Seneca Pl has a dog that repeatedly gets loose. Dog then runs around the surrounding neighborhood. Has recently attacked a dog across the street that was in its own yard, properly restrained, and contained in their own yard. The loose dog caused physical harm to the other dog requiring a several hundred dollar vet bill. The owner (from 1234 E Seneca Pl) did not apologize at all for the unprovoked attack by her loose dog. The dog has gotten out several more times since the attack including one time 1 week after the attack when he went to the same yard of attack, ran to their front door, and was growling at the dogs (that were still in the house) and their owner. PAWS has repeatedly picked up the dog over the last several months. When you tell the owner she needs to take care of the issue, she states that the dog can open the door himself and yet nothing is being done to fix the door, etc. 90% of the time the owner has no clue he's gone. The dog had been a neighborhood nuisance over the last several months, but now since he has attacked another dog he seems to want to keep trying to attack again. The owners of the dog that was attacked are now not able to let their dogs out in their own yard (restrained correctly with tie outs and under supervision) for fear that the dog across the street could get out and bolt over at any point. They are also afraid to get in/out of their vehicles. It is not fair that the dog that was attacked should be penalized because of an irresponsible pet owner. Now the dog has shown aggression towards humans as well. The pet owner also doesn't seem to care if her dog is out and could get hit by a car, or freeze to death. It is a pit bull or pit mix, so it doesn't have much of a hair coat and has been loose in the single digit temps. This problem cannot continue.

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  • Peoria
  • IL
  • 40.71989822387695
  • -89.57703399658203