Case #5529

  • Tire Removal
  • closed: Resolved
  • 2015-10-15
  • 2015-10-22
  • 2015-10-22

Most tickets of this type should be investigated within 7 business days. 5 business days have passed.


2015-10-15 Open

2015-10-15 Assignment

He did not indicate that he wants to be contacted.

2015-10-22 Closed

Tires have been removed.Thank you for contacting the City of Peoria!

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Message: There are 8 tires dumped by a garage in the 1900 block of N. Milton Court. It is by the alley behind the 800 block of W. Eleanor Pl. This is about the fourth time this year that tires have been dumped in this location and it is always a large number of tires.