Case #52811

  • Excessive Growth-Private Property
  • 2009 W. Antoinette St Peoria IL
  • closed: Resolved
  • 2022-10-04
  • 2022-10-06
  • 2022-10-06

Most tickets of this type should be investigated within 4 business days. 2 business days have passed.


2022-10-04 Open

2022-10-04 Assignment

2022-10-04 Assignment

2022-10-06 Closed

A City of Peoria Community Development staff member has investigated this complaint and issued an emergency work order on this property. Thank you for using Peoria Cares.

Associated Issues


Caller states that this property is not being unkept. It has a damaged roof that is effecting the next door neighbor.... Caller also states that the grass needs to be cut and is hindering the sell of her property.


2022-10-04 Update

Additional Location Information

  • Peoria
  • IL