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Water company has overcharged me on both of my houses. The meters aren't displaying anything. They sent me a notice to change one of the meters. Then proceeded to send me a bill for 4 times more than usual. I called them. They said I might have a leak. I fix houses for a living. I guarantee you there is no leak. They are sending an inspector but he won't be there for 12 days. I'm being charged for 100 gallons of water a day. I'll get charged for another 1,200 gallons waiting for the inspector. The house is empty and nobody lives there. I guess ghosts are using an awful lot of water. I also have another house that I just found out there's nothing on the meter display and the last 2 months my bill has been twice as high. The water company has nothing but 1 star reviews. All of them. All 1 star. No satisfied reviews. None. I'm about to move out of peoria because of the water situation in this city. I moved here a year ago and I'm finding out why people are leaving this area and I'm about to leave too. Get a better water company!!!! This is rediculas. My water bill is as high as my electric bill!!!!