Case #41002

  • Traffic Related Complaints
  • 2700 & 2800 Block of West Humboldt St.
  • open: Unresolved
  • COP Website
  • 2021-08-10
  • 2021-08-11


2021-08-10 Open

2021-08-10 Assignment

2021-08-11 Assignment

Public Works will put in a Service Request for a speed bump and turn back over to the PD for further investigation into specific speeding car.

2021-08-11 Open

PW entered a Service Request # 70808 for a sign, a speed bump and the car parking improperly

2021-08-11 Assignment

Public Works enter a service request for a sign, speed bump and parking. PD would need to investigate the speeding vehicle with plate listed in details

Associated Issues


SR # 70808 There is constant speeding on on West Humboldt Street from Trewyn School to Griswold St. from several vehicles. The speeding is serious and dangerous to the extent that a vehicle pulled out of its driveway and the speeding vehicle could not stop in time so he had to change lanes to not crash into the vehicle. This vehicle in particular speeds daily at a very high rate of speed (like on a race track) starting at Trewyn School. This vehicle is a “gray car with tented windows - license plate CD 98344” and the driver lives/frequent a house daily at 2617 W. Humboldt. As reported previously in another report,, school children will be going back to school and there is only one side walk leading to the school, consequently many children walk in the street going to and from school. Their safety will be impacted by the speeding vehicles on this block. A speed bump would be very helpful in slowing down vehicles or a speed monitor. Just another note, the vehicle referenced, parks in front of the house facing in the wrong direction daily. No respect for traffic or rules of the road. Any assistance you can give will be appreciated! Thank you!


2021-08-11 Update

Additional Location Information

  • Peoria
  • IL