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  • 2021-05-24
  • 2021-05-25
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2021-05-24 Open

2021-05-24 Assignment

2021-05-25 Assignment

jplease see below isues reported, trash, illegal busines operation,, etc

2021-05-25 Closed

The Code Enforcement Inspector visited the property. There were no appliances on the porch or in the back of the property. No chickens or ducks were at the property. The shed had tools in it and did not house chickens. There was some minor debris at the property that the owner put back at the property for PDC to remove. The owner is working on making corrections related to the structure and we will continue to monitor the property. If you have concerns about how we are addressing this property, please give Joe Dulin a call at 309-494-8631.

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i have been reporting 1122 Ellis for a month. i put in the address. the crosshairs show it is 1122 n ellis. but then i am told it is closed as the address isn't there. Well now you have the address 1122 n ellis. they are running a business off of their front porch. she brags on Facebook she is an llc. every other food bank needs licensed and a legitimate business site. they have appliances on the front and back porches. garbage is constantly piled up behind the fence at the alley. they are raising chickens or ducks in the back yard. i think they are in the shed as you only hear them when shed doors are open. now she is bragging how she is running a community garden. there are probably 10 raised garden beds on this property. this is a city of peoria historic district neighborhood. i am sure an application was not made for this variance. the property is bringing down our property values. i know you don't want to do anything because of possible publicity. but if the rest of the neighborhood and other business must commit with all City, Cpunty and State laws these people must also do so. therefore you now have the correct address 1122 n ellis peoria il i expect to see the place tagged. i expect to hear historic preservation is opening a case. i expect to hear they have been tickets for raising poultry in the city limits. i expect to see the business moved to a properly zoned location, not the front porch of 1122 n ellis peoria il. the property has brokem windows and needs painting and foundation work. so each and every prior report is being photographed for turnpver to every news agency in town. the county and the state. if uou wony do somethong i am sure someone else will do so. agai. the adress in case you forgot is 1122 n ellis peoria il again that is 1122 n ellis peoria il