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  • 2021-03-18
  • 2021-03-31
  • 2021-03-31


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2021-03-31 Closed

It is the citizens constitutional right and for more information please contact the non-emergency police dept. at 309-673-4521.

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Is there something the city can do about all of the panhandler’s that are on many street corners, strip mall entrances and Grand Prairie entrances. Many times at Schnucks on University there is a man that glares at you until you turn. The other day around the Grand Prairie mall there was someone that nearly ran into the back end of a car because they stopped at a green light to give someone some money that was standing there. Not only do I find this a nuisance I find it a safety hazard. Not sure if this is true but I have been told secondhand by someone who knows someone that has a business near the old Days Inn location that has seen numerous people sharing a room and then dispersing around town to panhandle. For people coming to visit Peoria I feel this is unsightly and if these people are actually homeless I know the city does have numerous agencies that can help them out. Not only that they leave their trash often when they leave their corner. For a while there was only a few now they’re all over almost every day around town. I realize there’s only so many police nowadays and this isn’t an emergency but I feel that there should be at least attempts to give them a warning that if they show up again they could be fined or arrested if panhandling is actually a crime of some kind. I really believe many of these people or not legit. If they are coming into town, or like traveling gypsies if you will, maybe with a threat they’ll move on elsewhere. I don’t mind helping people but I do mind the fact that this could cause an accident, a littering issue and more than likely a type of fraud in some cases. Thanks for listening and I hope you would consider some sort of action because I’ve talked to many people around town that feel the same way I do.

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  • Peoria
  • IL