Case #35710

  • Unsafe Structures
  • closed: Resolved
  • 2021-01-11
  • 2021-01-14
  • 2021-01-14

Most tickets of this type should be investigated within 4 business days. 3 business days have passed.


2021-01-11 Open

2021-01-11 Assignment

Michelle Baker would like someone to call her to discuss this at 309.363.6525

2021-01-14 Closed

The fire department has no jurisdiction over this type of issue.

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Concerned citizen called today regarding a business smashing cars for several years behind 2814 W. Utah, right over the Bartonville McCluggage Bridge. According to caller Michelle Baker cbr#309-363-6525 this has been going on for years and nothing is getting done regarding the black soot it causes in the air. Her swimming pool has a film from it in the summer. They start smashing cars at 4 am and blowing up cars that still have gasoline in them. She has cracks in her walls from the loud explosions from these cars that causes bad rattling as well. She is afraid someone is going to get hurt since there is gas in the vehicles when they smash them. She doesn’t know the name of the business but would like someone to call her regarding this or she will call every day until someone does, fyi.