Case #35318

  • Traffic Related Complaints
  • W War Memorial and McClugage Bridge
  • closed: Resolved
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  • 2020-12-03
  • 2020-12-18
  • 2020-12-18


2020-12-03 Open

2020-12-03 Assignment

2020-12-18 Closed

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Every morning between 7:00am and 7:20am there is a silver Honda Prelude, or similar, with black bumpers and black wheels, that comes down W24 from Washington and crosses the McClugage Bridge heading toward Prospect Ave. Drives very reckless, tailgates and cuts people off as he weaves in and out of traffic. Drives well above the 45 MPH speed limit. He usually turns left on Columbus Ave as he approaches Prospect. I have been a victim of his driving several times. I have seen him pulled over before but he is not learning his lesson. One day he is going to cause a major accident or road rage from his disregard for safety. C

Additional Location Information

  • Peoria
  • IL