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  • Sheridan Rd., section south of Northmoor
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  • 2020-11-18
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Service Request #65119 has been created. Thank you.

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SR#65119 I am a member of the Northmoor Hills Home Owners Assoc. Board and have rec'd feedback from a resident who lives on the west side of Sheridan Rd., across from Donovan Park. His home faces Sheridan, with a clear view of Donovan Park. He is concerned with the poor condition of Sheridan Rd. along Donovan Park, both the Sheridan Rd. right-of-way [east side]and the west edge of Donovan Park itself. He sees overgrown vegetation, dead trees/limbs, trash. These conditions have existed for some time. I understand that portion of Sheridan Rd. is a Peoria County road and that the Park belongs to the Peoria Park District. I hope Peoria Cares can contact the right people at the County & the District, forward this information, and perhaps work with them on the situation. You may share my email address with the County and/or Park District, but I do not want it shared in a public fashion. Thank you for your assistance.


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