Case #35162

  • Abandoned Vehicle (on Street)
  • closed: Resolved
  • 2020-11-16
  • 2020-11-17
  • 2020-11-17

Most tickets of this type should be investigated within 3 business days. 1 business days have passed.


2020-11-16 Open

2020-11-16 Assignment

2020-11-17 Closed

Service Request #65049 has been created. Thank you.

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SR#65049 1400 Block of W. Smith St.-there are 15 or more vehicles in need of repair parked in the yard and on the street where someone is working on the vehicles. The area look like a junk yard and need to be cleaned up. Caller is concerned about all the vehicles located on this property in disrepair.


2020-11-17 Update