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  • Drainage/Flooding Problems
  • 921 E Fairoaks Ave
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  • 2020-07-16
  • 2020-07-17
  • 2020-07-17

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2020-07-16 Open

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SR#62493 I am new to Peoria and am trying to get an answer to drainage issues. during the heavy rain yesterday my garage and driveway was flooded causing my brand new lawnmower and other items in my garage to be water logged; but most concerning is that much of my driveway was washed away. as soon as a crew came out and unblocked the drains water receded rapidly - taking a lot of my driveway with it. i am on a very limited disability income and am wondering does the city hold any responsibility in repairing my driveway that was damaged due to flood waters from blocked drains?


2020-07-17 Update

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  • Peoria
  • IL