Case #320

  • Abandoned Vehicle (on Street)
  • closed: Resolved
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  • 2014-03-08
  • 2014-03-12
  • 2014-03-12

Most tickets of this type should be investigated within 3 business days. 1 business days have passed.


2014-03-08 Open

2014-03-08 Assignment

2014-03-12 Closed

Parking enforcement officer responded and tagged the vehicles. Owners will have 7 days to move the vehicles or arrangements will be made to have vehicles towed. Thank you

Associated Issues


A bandit truck license number 1136975 2600 block of North Dechman Avenue three months. 2600 block of North Dechman Ave there's for a couple weeks is P403847. 2700 block north Dechman ave a car's been banded for about a month and a half. AES 1214 . 100 block of E. Gift Ave. cars been banded month and a half license number is P282302. A car behind it park for about a month and a half also starting with a R


will dispatch ofcr


2014-03-08 Update