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  • 2020-04-25
  • 2020-04-27
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Service Request #60393 has been created. Thank you.

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SR#60393 A large heavy branch appears to be dead on our tree. The tree is located on city property. The large heavy branch hangs over the sidewalk and over the street on Institute. The sidewalk has a high volume of walkers including children. Children play and ride their bicycles past there a lot. My husband and I feel it is a danger to the community. If the branch fell on someone, the brach could be deadly. We would appreciate it if your department could send someone over to look at it and cut the hazardous branch down. This is the second report. The first was closed due to the location information was missing. Just in case that happens again, here is the location. 1500 W. Parkside Drive, Peoria, IL. 61606. We are on a corner lot. Parkside Dr. and N. Institute, Thank you, sincerely, Burgit and Rhonda Smith


2020-04-27 Update