Case #27647

  • Missed Landscape Waste Pickup
  • 4212 N Brookmont Rd
  • closed: Resolved
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  • 2019-12-12
  • 2019-12-12
  • 2019-12-12


2019-12-12 Open

2019-12-12 Assignment

2019-12-12 Closed

The yard waste deadline was sent out in the City's Issues Update Weekly Report and on the local news. Unfortunately, you will have to store the bags in your garage or shed until spring of 2020 when PDC will resume yard waste pick up. Thanks for contacting the City of Peoria.

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I wasn’t aware that this week was the last yard pickup week. We have about 17 brown bags of leaves. Do you have any suggestions on what to do with it?

Additional Location Information

  • Peoria
  • IL
  • 40.73872756958008
  • -89.59542846679688