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  • 2019-09-23
  • 2019-09-25
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Service Request #53907 has been created. Thank you.

Associated Issues


SR#53907 Junk car- reported before is back and has not moved in a month, car on a jack, car with flat tire. Armstrong Ave looks like a junkyard. Also- the apartment building they live at has garage in the back by 2 junk cars that don’t move either. Old chairs, yard wasted piled up, just a mess. That building has burned marks, peeling paint, weeds all over, rotten doors on the basement- just a true eye sore to us trying to make this area a nice place to live


2019-09-25 Update

Additional Location Information

  • Peoria
  • IL
  • 40.70450973510742
  • -89.60504150390625