Case #26287

  • Potholes, Street Repair
  • 6300 N Tammarack Ln
  • closed: Resolved
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  • 2019-09-10
  • 2019-09-11
  • 2019-09-11

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2019-09-10 Open

2019-09-10 Assignment

2019-09-11 Closed

Service Request #53553 has been created. Thank you.

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SZR#53553 The pavement in my cul-de-sac is crumbled to the point of being a hazard. Please address this as the entire cul-de-sac needs repaired. I have more photos, but I can only attach one. Thanks, Mark Applegren 3093605515,


2019-09-11 Update

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closed 2019-09-23 Potholes, Street Repair 6300 N Tammarack Ln

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  • Peoria
  • IL