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  • 2019-09-07
  • 2019-09-12
  • 2019-09-12


2019-09-07 Open

2019-09-07 Assignment

2019-09-11 Assignment

2019-09-11 Assignment

Traffic concerns due to IAWC's construction project.

2019-09-12 Closed

Information shared with Traffic Unit as well as Patrol Unit of the Peoria Police Department.

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Since Sheridan Road is under construction for past several weeks and more to go , I would like you to know that the vehicle traffic has seriously increased on Forrest hill between Sheridan and Knoxville ave . With this high volume of traffic comes increased speed of cars despite the 3 speeds bumps and the flashing speed signs. They fly over the speed bumps without braking ! Also , there are numerous cars and trucks going by with LOUD mufflers possibly not legal. This street has always been busy but it is beyond busy sounding now. Very very noisy. Is there any way a patrol car could sit at Forrest hill and Bootz to help curtail the speeders ? The noise level and cars speeding has gotten so far out of hand. Many days it sounds like the Daytona 500 . Please consider helping us. I know you are busy with worse crime. But we are having increased crime in this same area too.