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  • 2019-05-15
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2019-05-15 Assignment

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Service Request #50339 has been created. Thank you.

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SR#50339 Land Alteration Permit required ? for removal of large trees in rear yard and limbs landing into ravine behind our houses. Nobody who answers your phones seems to know the answer. I really need to talk with a supervisor. The ravine is maintained by the City of Peoria? Last year on June 1, 2018, the City of Peoria repaired/installed a drainage pipe. Today, our neighbor who lives at 6824 N. Aycliffe, had a tree removed and the large tree landed in the ravine directly behind our property. I fear there will be erosion problems which can cause flooding problems. Last year when the City came out at our neighbor's, Beth Flanagan, request, to install the drainage pipe or to lift it, we had a flood in our basement and our neighbor next door, also had a flood in her basement. Also, our neighbor at 6824 N. Aycliffe Drive has a sidewalk that is elevated above grade level and increases in height which renders our privacy fence useless. I fear that with all the tree removal, the elevated sidewalk, which causes water and snow to go onto our property, it will cause flooding into our basement, land erosion without proper lateral support and soil/earth shifting. Please have an insepctor come out to inspect the properties and proceed with appropriate enforcement action. Her elevated sidewalk (15 inches up to approximately 5 feet in height along the rear/side yard property line, doesn't meet the code. She wants to remove more trees from her rear yard. Does the City of Peoria maintain the ravine and embankment right of way up to about 20 feet on both sides of the ravine? If so, our neighbor is removing those trees. I fear she will cause flooding problems in the future and she is using contractors who probably are not licensed or they failed to get applicable permits.


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