Case #1938

  • House/Fence in Disrepair
  • 1829 S Stanley St
  • closed: Resolved
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  • 2014-08-28
  • 2015-12-02
  • 2015-12-02

Most tickets of this type should be investigated within 4 business days. 316 business days have passed.


2014-08-28 Open

2014-08-28 Assignment

2014-09-15 Open

Property is now in housing court; thank you for using Peoria Cares!

2015-12-02 Closed

Property will continue to be monitored by Administrative Hearing Officer.

Associated Issues


media.png 2014-08-28


This house is nasty. Roof leaks into the house. Has bad wiring. Some one is renting from this slum lord. This place really needs to be condemned. Please send someone down there soon. The tenants asked the owner if they could put a tarp on the roof. He said no because it will attract the city. The pic is one of where the roof is falling in by back door. 229-6472 is tenants number they will let u in to inspect.

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closed 2022-01-19 25% House/Fence in Disrepair 1829 S Stanley St
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Additional Location Information

  • Peoria
  • IL
  • 40.66736221313477
  • -89.63201904296875