Case #14892

  • Sidewalk and Curbs
  • Abington Street Hill
  • closed: Resolved
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  • 2018-01-04
  • 2018-01-08
  • 2018-01-08

Most tickets of this type should be investigated within 14 business days. 2 business days have passed.


2018-01-04 Open

2018-01-04 Assignment

2018-01-08 Closed

called park district and told them to shovel their sidewalks per the new ordinance.

Associated Issues


Can you ask the park district to shovel the sidewalks around the park or whoever is responsible. A lot of people use these sidewalks as it connects the East Bluff to Averyville. If the Park District isn't responsible can you shovel it or make whoever is? SR#033749 entered 01/04/18 for investigation.


2018-01-04 Update

Additional Location Information

  • Peoria
  • IL