Case #1162

  • Potholes, Street Repair
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  • 2014-06-09
  • 2014-06-25
  • 2014-06-25


South Sterling avenue roadwork, potholes and dust In late May 2014 road repairs were started on the south part of Sterling Avenue from Martin Luther King Jr Street and Manor Parkway (I think). It started with grading of the road, followed by loose gravel. That was followed by applying oil. I believe the road has been sprayed with water to keep the flying dust down. Don't get me wrong it helped some. Due to the rain on yesterday there wasn't much travel on S Sterling. This morning as we were leaving for church we noticed how slow cars were traveling on South Sterling. Being curious as others were we ventured out to drive down Sterling to see why traffic was moving so slow. We discovered numerous potholes and felt the need to report this. With the dust our vehicles look like they have not been washed, No date has been given as to when these repairs were to be complete. On behalf of the residents we would like to hear back as to what the plan is for this. Thank you for your time and response. 318 S Sterling Av